Job function
Project Manager
Company size
1,001-5,000 Employees
Tech Vendor
Years of experience
5-10 years
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Graduated from the main schools of Networks and Telecommunications in Toulouse (at the heart of the French Aerospace-Industry), I am keen on the Internet and all the technologies related to. Along my career, I developed a core interest in the wide field of Cyber-Security. This includes, among other things, Identity management, control and propagation, ciphering, fault tolerances, firewalling, web application firewalling, DDOS mitigations, web content filtering, patch management life-cycle, penetration testing, etc.

Nowadays I am driving my professional project towards a mix between Project Manager, Solution Architect, Security Expert and/or Integrator, in accordance with the needs and the states of the projects. While I keep reinforcing my technical skills on a daily basis, I am now developing my Pre-Sales abilities.

So far I mainly addressed Telecom and Internet Service Providers, but I am also willing to embrace other industries such as Banking and Major Accounts. As a matter of fact, I will always be highly motivated by the projects I am facing as long as they include high added-value and require high-level technologies.

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