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11 months ago
VXRail is a turn-key solution, saying that it's still based on vSAN. From a cost perspective, I suggest you opt for vSAN Ready Node. You have options from Dell EMC, Cisco, HPE, Lenovo plus a few others. There are a few VMware HCI Kit options which you may opt for.
About 2 years ago
First of all, a business should determine based on requirement whether they should opt for HCI or Traditional. Both roadmaps have their advantages and drawbacks. #1 criteria for HCI from my view is which eases the objective of the project. Various projects embark in…
About 2 years ago
It’s the use case which will determine whether to utilize on-prem HCI or Cloud. Also which applications will be impacted. If you have a team and expertise to have HCI on-prem then it’s a good option. There’s a lot of flexibility in it. Later on, you can run into a Hybrid…