accessiBe Primary Use Case

Jake Craigmile
Director of Digital at Three Omens
We're a web development agency and we use it for our own site and for client websites. We're using it as an added service that's included in all of our new web builds to make sure everybody's compliant and fully accessible. View full review »
Alex M.
CEO at Pixel Motion
It offers accessibility to your website in the form of increasing font sizes, changing colors, stopping animations, stopping videos, etc. The typical usage would be for anybody with a disability who would not be able to necessarily enjoy your website the way it should. Thanks to this technology, they can now view or hear your content, and therefore, be able to transact or do business with your website. Pretty much anybody with one of many disabilities can enjoy or take advantage of a website the way they would if they were an able person. We have a script for it installed on our websites. This brings up an online application, which comes from their server, then any updates that they make will be completely automatic. View full review »
Joe Palko
Business Management Consultant at Your Store Wizards
It is used to make our websites compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Our whole goal is to be compliant. View full review »
Bob Melian
President at Fox Dealer
We furnish websites for our consumers, and accessiBe is a solution that provides compliance with ADA guidelines. View full review »