Compuware ISPW Initial Setup

Mainframe Architect at a financial services firm with 5,001-10,000 employees
The setup was pretty complex. Compuware came in and did it as part of the purchase, and then they did some training. A lot of it was conversion from ChangeMan. That was something that we could not have done, just to state it simply. We don't often come across a product that we can't convert to and implement. We've done a large number of them. This one, in particular, after seeing what they had to do - we couldn't have done it. It was a rushed deployment because we had a licensing misunderstanding with Serena/Micro Focus. We pretty much had to convert in a month. There were actually a couple weeks where we went without a change-control product, and we were doing manual compiles. It took a month to convert it and implement it, and then we were making changes and still implementing, to be honest. That propagation issue is one of them; the planned binds is another. There are still a couple things that are not implemented. But it's net new functionality that we never had before. Because it was so rushed, our implementation strategy was "cross our fingers and hope for the best." We actually had a longer-duration plan, but when we found out from our purchasing department that our licensing was about to expire, we had to rush things. We're not a good example to use for the right implementation approach, because it was so hurried. View full review »
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