2015-10-25 12:49:39 UTC

When evaluating Software Configuration Management, what aspect do you think is the most important to look for?

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I really want the answer to be ease of use. But it takes second place to reliabliity. Configuration management must be 100% dependable. It needs to be worry free with a resilience to operational headwinds.

2017-08-11 00:15:46 UTC11 August 17
Real User

I would ensure that the software you are evaluating supports the tactical & strategic plans of your company. I think it's important to engage many areas of your company before making a decision. Areas like - application development & maintenance, infrastructure, architecture, security, audit, storage, performance, capacity planning and of course the area that will provide the support of the product you are evaluating. I believe the product should be installed as a proof of concept (PoC), so all the areas mentioned earlier can look at the product from their point of view. Vendor support is critical during the PoC and beyond. Look at vendor support as closely as you are looking at the actual software.

2017-02-22 17:23:00 UTC22 February 17
Real UserTOP 10

In my opinion, it seems difficult ot make a general statement.
I think it will depend on the context: What are your needs? Who is making the evaluation, ALL the future users or only a small team of specialists?

For my own experience, as I work in a the Game Industry, the audience behind the SCM can be really diversified. From the pure technical programmer to the writer or the musician who knows quite nothing about SCM, not forgetting the large amount or 2D or 3D graphists!

Nevertheless these few points can help when your begin your evakuation?
- Functionalities, from the user's point of view
- How the sowftware will fit with your type of asset (example : ASCII or binary? Small or huge files)
- Impact on your IT infrastrcture : What type of server and IT human resource will be needed ?

These few point can directly impact the productivity afterwards. One of the most furtive aspect is when everything seems to work in general, but in fact the users complain every minute of their repetitive work, even if they seems to achieve it!

A good example for this is the slowness of the interface when handling big files. It will not really block anyone, but it's like a thorn in the side of each user daily work.

Maybe there are other aspects which I forget but in the game industry, these can be important.



2017-02-18 23:01:24 UTC18 February 17
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