Magento Primary Use Case

Chirag Bhavsar
Founder and CEO at Coduzion Technologies Pvt Ltd
I work mostly with clients who have online businesses and clients who are entrepreneurs who have new online businesses and want to expand them. I sit down with these clients, understand their business, and lay out their online business plan. We set up a framework for the business, then we set up their website and application so that they can sell their products online, very conveniently. I provide a solution to ensure that any brand, user or online merchant can sell their products online. I am self-employed, but I do have a firm set up here in India for tax purposes. There are certain rules and regulations regarding taxation so my firm who provides certain additional support when we have a large set of tasks and work to support. I do work by myself most of the time, but there is always additional support if there is an influx of tasks or assistance needed. Mostly, the clients need an e-commerce solution; whoever has an offline business or has any stores or physical setup, but they want to venture into an online business to sell their products. These clients use my services to set up their online business. A few examples would be grocery clients want to sell their products online, or clients from the clothing industries, or from the mechanical industry who have their own registered instruments and they want to sell online. In those cases, they use my services so that they can set up an online shop where they could conveniently manage their inventories and I would be able to handle their online sales. These are the areas where clients use us as a service provider. View full review »
Ali Asif
CEO at AA Logics
Magento 2 is basically a B2C solution for online retail shops. Our clients are majorly small to medium-sized businesses who are using this product to sell online and manage their orders. They also manage their products, catalog, and customers using it. Our company includes a structure that caters to the needs of companies who are already using Magneto 2. We have a development team, a DevOps team, and a marketing team. We provide all of the services required to manage, maintain, develop, and implement this solution for our clients under one roof. View full review »
.Kim Murphy
Owner at Designz23
We used Magento to build an online shopping website for one of our biggest web design clients. Our client wanted a fast and easy solution and did not mind using a pre-made template. View full review »
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