Magic xpa Application Platform Room for Improvement

Todd Baremore
Owner at a legal firm with 1-10 employees
* The configuration of the xpa RIA mobile environment is complex and a discouragement to new developers. * Magic's documentation can be less than complete at times which leads to frustration for new developers. (I encourage new Magic developers to join the Magic Users Group). * The Android environment is missing a number of functions for file/folder manipulation, sending receiving text messages (SMS) and the menuing options are limited. For now, it is left to the developer to write his/her own Java functions to include in the APK. * It is missing basic charting tools for bar/pie/series charts. It is left to the developer to acquire and deploy charting tools or the customer to purchase a third-party reporting tool to produce charts. * I would like to see a spell checker included with optional language support. Currently, this has to be purchased from a third-party. * There is also an issue with table control sorting of data that does not result in an additional database call. * The ability to display page up, page down, top and bottom buttons along the scroll bar would make my mouse-reliant customers happy. View full review »
Freddy Dewulf
Director at Softica bvba
When you have several tasks, you open a screen in a subtask in developing mode, then you don't see the parent screens. Debugging .NET snippets is not possible, so it lacks the effects to solve problems. First you have to write and test your .NET code in VS. Then you have to copy the .NET code in Magic XPA because there is almost nothing to debug it. View full review »
Roberto Cervantes
Senior Programmer at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
Magic’s lack of documentation, in both the educational and technical fields, has been a thorn in my side since I can remember. I worked for Magic at the US branch for several years as a consultant, as part of the tech support staff, and as the main instructor for both Magic xpa and Magic xpi. I had to write my own study guide to be able to teach Magic v8.x, eDeveloper, uniPaaS and Magic xpa to people who were new to these tools. Magic’s own training material only consisted of either printed PowerPoint presentations inside a binder or a self-paced PDF document. The latter did not follow a clear programming methodology path or even instructions on what components to select during the first installation of the tool. Magic has a tradition, when it adds new technologies/features to the Magic development tool, to provide either no documentation or documentation that does not provide an organized approach for bringing this new technology/feature to experienced Magic programmers. I sometimes joke that while you could connect any two people on the planet through six degrees of separation, connecting any two Magic programmers would only need three degrees. Most of the time new Magic programmers are the result of a company that already uses Magic as its programming platform hiring new developers because the old ones are retiring. At the annual Magic gathering, new faces are few and far between. Magic has always struggled to bring new developers to its tools. The company has been working in the USA for more than 30 years and still cannot find a way to bring new people to its side of the fence. View full review »
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