Planview Spigit Primary Use Case

Eli Gerson
Manager of Innovation at Ameren Corporation
The team I'm on within our company does corporate planning and strategy. We're the innovation team within that world. Initially, we thought more of our use cases would be around getting idea submissions that would ultimately lead into our portfolio projects for long-term strategic purposes. What we've found is that it's harder for most coworkers to identify some of those. Unless we're sponsoring a challenge ourselves, the overlap is low for that. So instead what we've focused on more are two things. One is cultural impact, and the second one is business segment goals. When it comes to cultural issues, we've done challenges around workplace culture, around specific events, or with front-line workers, specifically in our call centers, who've been using Spigit almost as an empowerment tool. They can voice and bring up solutions to challenges that they're facing. So they've run a couple of challenges within these workgroups on how to make it easier to do business with us or increase customer loyalty. So those are business segment challenges, in part. But the biggest benefit of it has been that these coworkers, who for the most part are in really difficult, high-turnover positions, are feeling very empowered to offer suggestions and see them implemented by leadership. So it has a dual purpose. We are looking to do more business segment goals in our own segment that would fit us as well. The second aspect has been on the business segment goals. We have found that partnering with business segments or department groups on specific challenges that are aligned with their specific strategy or short-, medium-, or long-term goals, is very effective. We help support those, even though the solutions or input aren't things that my team really touches. But if there's good alignment, it can be a very effective tool. View full review »
Kori Patrick
Technical Manager, Innovation R&D at Enbridge Gas
We are using time challenges at the business unit and department level. Enterprise-wide, we are doing rapid challenges, one- or two-hour type things within department and smaller groups to generate ideas. We are just focusing on the ideation piece and using it to collect, then prioritize top ideas around different challenges. It's on the cloud, but we have branded it internally. We call it Accelerate. When it comes up, they have a website for us, that we use. View full review »
Nick Tso
Sr. Manager of Strategy at Sutter Health
We wanted a better way of engaging our 55,000+ employees and 12,000+ clinicians, from all across Northern California, in a very streamlined way. The Spigit platform is very intuitive and has technology built into it that has enabled us to really engage our employees and clinicians on a number of important topics, to get their feedback in real-time in a digestible way, so that we can make decisions. Planview has a ton of different tools. We don't use all of them. We just use their Spigit platform, which is a crowdsourcing platform, so that we can engage a broader group of our employees. View full review »
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Sr Innovation Coordinator at Advance Auto Parts, Inc.
We are using Spigit primarily to forge crowdsource ideas from our large team member base on specific strategic questions that we have currently to either improve our business or continue to transform the business. We also can really engage our team members in a very collaborative manner. We have several different brands under our parent advance auto umbrella. Therefore, being able to tap into all of that and create a very cohesive, innovative culture. View full review »
Business Analyst at American Express
We wanted to create more engagement with the floor. We did a company employee survey and one of the biggest issues that we were having was engagement. My department does a lot of client acquisition for corporate and small businesses, and we also do account development. Once we acquire the business, we need it to grow. A lot of the feedback was they weren't a part of building products or how we do processes and redundancies. So, we wanted to use the platform to get them engaged in that process improvement and also develop newer processes and products based on different ideas and innovation. It helps us find efficiencies and change redundancies in processes. A lot of times one of the things that the teams and us didn't like is that they had to call another department in order to be able to get information to communicate. So, there was a lot of back and forth. So it's helping and efficiencies and processes. We're taking those redundancies out, then we are better able to serve the client and change the client experience, making it more efficient, qualitative, and effective. That's one of the biggest benefits of being able to engage. View full review »
Innovation Manager at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
We use it to engage all our teammates. We have about 1,800 teammates who are in 48 different locations. Therefore, we use the solution to engage with our teammates as a crowdsourcing tool where they can submit any of their ideas. Then, we can help validate some of those ideas, because all our teammates have access as soon as they are onboarded as new employees. They have access, so they have the opportunity to comment on any topics that are posted, uploading and downloading those as well. This helps us vet ideas, helps from the very beginning of the problem/solution fit if we feel like this is an issue that we need to look at, or if this is a gap in one of our business areas that we will need to explore a bit further. We have an ATI, and that's how we integrated our two systems. The solution is not on the cloud. View full review »
Lead Intellectual Property Engineer at a manufacturing company with 51-200 employees
Continuous improvement is the primary use case. We are not using it to develop new products. We use it to take something existing, then improve it, whether it's an improved process or improved way of doing things. We are only using it for the front-end. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Planview Spigit. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: April 2020.
443,152 professionals have used our research since 2012.