2016-04-03 18:13:55 UTC

When evaluating Innovation Management Software, what aspect do you think is the most important to look for?

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Look at this from a persona perspective. There's two primary users of innovation management software. First is the 'host' - the sponsor so to speak who is asking the community for ideas. The second persona is the actual community - the target audience you are looking for ideas.

The Host side should look at the tools to manage ideas, administer the idea, reporting on success. Overhead of the host is one major consideration for innovation systems. If it's a lot of work for the host to manage they would use it once or twice but then not again.

On the community side make sure the leaderboard is highly visible, and encourages sharing ideas, thoughts on other ideas. Make it simple by not having so many mandatory fields to fill out for an idea.

The intersection around ease of use between the two persona's is a primary consideration. Secondarily how does this application tie in with other social applications already in place. Do you want it to so that sharing on the IMS is also tracked in the other social application?

2016-06-13 14:33:32 UTC13 June 16
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