Project Objects Valuable Features

CEO at Artesys Orion

There are a lot of features.

The most valuable feature is the ability to implement different scenarios. For example, a big company can implement its next three-year strategy along the two or three main pillars of the approach. Each pillar is composed of several portfolios, and each of those is composed of different projects. When you define the strategy for the next three-year budget, you can analyze the impact of each option. Based on this, you can decide things like assigning more or fewer resources to a project.

You can allocate generic resources, like a project manager. Then in the second stage, you can assign names such as who specifically will be in charge of a project. You can do the same thing with all of the human resources that are involved.

It provides the capability of integrating with the Agile Scrum component module. There is also integration with third-parties like Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, Check Point, Jira, ServiceNow!, and others.

There is the separation between execution from a technical point of view where the staff can work in a classical workflow, Agile, or a hybrid Agile.

The project manager and program manager will receive the high-level information needed to keep strict control over the project.

You are able to do whatever is needed from the customer's point of view, without coding. Configuring the platform does not require the writing of any code. This is something that is very important.

As soon as a new informational structure is created, it will be immediately available for the business intelligence module. This means that you can perform analytics on it. The BI module is very helpful. There is no comparison between it and other BI tools that are available right now.

The network uptime is greater than 99%.

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