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    Jira is a pretty capable product, and a lot of features are valuable. We value being able to set up separate projects and configure teams in them, set up sprints, and manage our sprints with its history tracking. These are all very useful features. It has been a very popular product for our work.
  2. The timesheet & staffing management function gives us clarity in terms of how capacity planning has to happen and how much actual effort is going into the programs. The risk and project status information gets captured in the project gives more clarity for stakeholders to understand how the programs are running. We have only explored a portion of the application features so far.
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  4. It served the purpose. It was pretty user-friendly.In my experience, this solution is one of the best for the waterfall management model.
  5. The feature that I have found most valuable is the XFlow, that interface is pretty cool. The interfaces for project management, portfolio management, and reporting services are always helpful.
  6. It's an easy way to communicate.It is pretty comprehensive when it comes to the different views that it gives you. It gives you a Gantt chart view, calendar view, board view, and list view. It is kind of helpful to have different types of views and see how it views your different tasks. I appreciate being able to do that. The biggest thing is that it is extremely user friendly. Asana is pretty intuitive. Someone who is not tech-savvy can kind of catch on quickly. It is better than other tools like Smartsheet. Some of the other tools like Microsoft Project and Excel are great tools, but you have to invest a lot of time to learn them, which is not the case with Asana.
  7. It makes it more fun to work with a modern designed and easy-to-use solution as a team and not add or analyze data alone. Internal, external, home office, remote work, desktop, mobile (available on iOS and Android), are always connected to One2Team.
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    475,208 professionals have used our research since 2012.
  9. Projectplace absolutely supports collaboration in real-time. It's probably one of the best tools out there for collaboration. It affects the project's progress quite a bit. I have started two very similar projects in two separate business units, on very similar teams. I did one with Enterprise One, I did one with Projectplace just to see how the mileage would vary. The one with Projectplace had a very short cycle time so we were able to finish the project earlier. The one with Enterprise One was less engaging and it took a little more time. Because we were tracking the tasks inside the schedule it was not on the cards.
  10. The overall functionality of the product is excellent.We find its ability to track what's going on with each request very valuable. We are also able to merge ticket requests and assign them to different groups in the company. We have another department that uses the same system.

What is Project Management Software?

IT Central Station users narrowed down the most vital aspects of project management software. In short, the software must provide a simple process to capture, develop, evaluate, and objectively rank various projects. Project management software should also be able to manage the projects once approved, allocate all the different resources a company has on hand properly, and have strong collaboration tools. Members would also like to see "lessons learned" features that can evaluate metrics and determine the successful components of a project.

Find out what your peers are saying about Atlassian, Planview, Microsoft and others in Project Management Software. Updated: April 2021.
475,208 professionals have used our research since 2012.