Can someone recommend a project risk management package they use?

Hi there,

Our company provides project risk management services to organizations running mega projects.

We are looking for a SW package that would enable:

  • Multi-user, internet or cloud-based solution, that supports identification, documentation, communication, analysis and mitigation of risks and opportunities in both qualitative and quantitative formats
  • System should provide end-to-end support to the risk management process and the management of the risks’ life-cycle, starting from initial identification through assessment, analysis, assignment to risk owner, mitigation planning, execution of mitigation plans to on-going monitoring, control and reporting.

We reviewed Predict! and Protech, but are looking for more vendors and solutions.

Can someone recommend or specify their experience?



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Thank you all for your insightful comments.
My research yielded - apart from Predict! and Protecht - a few more dedicated project risk management solutions - @Risk, Bwise, Cura, Accelus [by Thomson-Reuters] and of course Sword-Active Risk.
We are now working to review those solutions more thoroughly and acquire proposals.

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If you are looking for an automatic risk calculation, maybe the big ones could cover your needs. Like Primavera or Rational, most of midrange offer several risk management ways, but most of them manualy (Project Manager, must move risk status on the tool) or partially manual.

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Hi , i use Redmine, it has issue tracking system,Gantt chart and calendar etc, also consider Jira, it is very flexible

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Planisware (currently version 6) has extensive capabilities for risk management. What I especially like is that risk component is linked to whatever task or WBS element you deem appropriate in your business/PMO processes. You do not need a separate repository or database application devoted exclusively to risk management.

Integrated risk management with Planisware is conceptually easier for project managers to understand and use. Risk data stays in synchronization with other project data, which simplifies end-to-end risk life-cycle administration "out of the box."

Ample flexibility is available for aligning the application to company-specific risk management practices. You can actually use built-in Planisware workflow capabilities to set up needed alerts.

Planisware provides both quantitative and qualitative formats (as well as combined approach) for risk management.

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