QuickBooks Desktop Other Solutions Considered

R. Michael O'Hanlan
QuickBooks ProAdvisor at a consultancy
When I first started, the only other options were the very expensive programs. QuickBooks Desktop you can find anywhere between $200 and $300 on Amazon or Costco. As a ProAdvisor I can offer discounts, but Amazon always sells it cheaper than I can, which is a good thing because I get no kickback from you buying the product. Therefore our relationship has more integrity because I'm not trying to sway you to buy my product because I will get $23, or something like that. View full review »
In comparison to Desktop, I have only used other Intuit products, i.e., Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and Accountant. I have used other online options, such as Xero, and feel that they are not comparable products to Desktop. For most small businesses, QuickBooks Desktop is the best solution. I recommend Premier over Pro. View full review »
Chaunce Dickerson
Purchasing Analyst
I asked around, but did not try any others, except TeamDesign, the industry specific accounting software that we were using previously. View full review »
Moses Wambugu
GUIDER at a tech services company
Xero, AccountEdge View full review »

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