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C Dove
Data Architect at levvel
My advice to people considering this as a solution would be that if they need a relatively straightforward method for connecting to various data sources, then I would advise using this. It is a particularly good solution if the data sources are not on the same physical platform type or environment. If their SAS is on a Windows server, for example, but they have to connect to Unix based databases or vice versa that is a perfect place to use this tool. If their SAS is on a Unix box and they are now trying to connect to things like Microsoft SQL Server, SAS/ACCESS is worth its weight and cost in resolving that type of issue. It is particularly true if they do not have dedicated support resources internally. What was interesting about coming to this product as a solution was realizing that a lot of times people will find a way around what is really something that should just be done from a software administrative support level. Where the company I worked for could have just been going directly to the SAS server to get data, they had created a half-functional work-around. It got the job done but it was totally inefficient. When I came in with SAS/ACCESS all that extra effort stopped. It is a matter of learning about efficiency. You can create a solution that functions, but it is like driving your car on one of those little donut spares instead of getting the right tire instead. That donut is not made to be on the car forever. On a scale from one to ten where one is the worst and ten is the best, I would rate the SAS/ACCESS product as a ten-out-of-ten. If you need this type of solution, it does exactly what you need. You can create access with the full support of the company's technical support. For example, in our most complicated scenario, we were actually able to connect to a vendor's database completely outside of our company network and utilize the data. SAS technical support was perfectly willing to work with me to figure out how to set up that connection under SAS/ACCESS. The combination of the support and the technical capabilities of the product just can not be matched with any other product that I know of. View full review »
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