StorPool Other Solutions Considered

Operations Director at Kualo Limited
Over the years we have deployed numerous so┼┐tware solutions including Nexenta, FreeNAS and OpenFiler, but in all cases we rapidly encountered scalability issues, performance problems or both. View full review »
Ivailo Nikolov
We have tested several storage network solutions that our service providers had at the time: a Dell distributed storage used by SoftLayer (not sure on the exact platform/name but it was discontinued after if tailed spectacularly several times) and EMC (before it was acquired by Dell). View full review »
CEO at a tech vendor
We first tested open source solutions, Ceph and GlusterFS. GlusterFS is a good solution for file-based storage but it is slow for sync writing disk images. Ceph is also a good block storage solution but our test showed that on similar hardware StorPool outperformed Ceph by a large margin. View full review »
Simeon Glabadanidis
Account Manager at a tech vendor with 11-50 employees
Yes, but we had bad experience with other vendors. View full review »
Richard Lingsch
President at eApps Hosting
After extensive research on software-defined storage options and thorough tests, we selected StorPool for its product quality and high resource utilization. View full review »
Nghia Than
CEO & Founder at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
We are testing many software from open source to commercial solution for our distribution storage to host all our VPS like: Ceph Block Device, ZFS, Virtuozzo Storage, OnApp Integrated Storage, vSAN (VMware). View full review »
Richard Lingsch
President at eApps Hosting
Yes, compared to the storage system we used previously, StorPool is almost twice as fast. View full review »

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