Denis Leclerc Pmp

Job function
Performance Management Practice Leader
Company size
51-200 Employees
Tech Services Company
Years of experience
10+ years
Most Recent Comments

Specialized in working with financial professionals to increase their visibility into their business allowing them to synthesize real-time data available anywhere, anytime on any device.

Works with his client too develop a process and a solution to easily and quickly collect, store, analyze and report on data in real-time. The process and solutions will be automated, centralized and standardized around all your key financial and operational processes – from reporting, planning, budgeting, forecasting, modeling, consolidation and analysis. Imagine life using a single centralized platform to meet all your business needs.

helping you achieve greater visibility into your organization with fast, accurate reporting and financial close, integrated Budgets, Forecasts, Plans (both short and long term) both operational and non-operation and all fully integrated.…a change in one area is seen throughout the process allowing every report and analysis to be fully and dynamically updated freeing up more time for analysis and strategic planning.

- Assisting the CFO's to look beyond their traditional role as finance executives.

- Moving organizations move scorekeeper to true performance drivers through the alignment of people, processes, technology and operations across the entire organization.

- Provide executives with the tools needed to destroy the silos built up over time especially when it comes to finance.

An expert in finally bridging that gap between excel spreadsheet maintenance and managing your business allowing you to make better and faster decisions. Assisting customers in ensuring that their objectives are not at odds with strategy especially at the different levels of the organization.

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