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Almost 8 years ago
You can export your BPMN model to XPDL and to MS Visio. We successfully managed to import BPMN models from other modeling tools such as iGrafx, IDS Scheer (by Software AG) and it worked just fine (for almost 90 %). The remaining 10 % we had to redo them (e.g. notes, document…
Almost 8 years ago
Recommended Readings: http://www.bizagi.com/?p=404&option=com_wordpress&Itemid=247 http://www.bizagi.com/docs/BPM_award_submission_PSMMC_2013.pdf
Almost 8 years ago
Total # of main processes that had been deployed in one of our primary healthcare clinics were 4 MP's. There are around 76 Sub-Processes (SBs) within. Every 3 - 4 months we had new revisions done to our processes and deployed during weekends. Going Live with certain business…
Almost 8 years ago
To deploy our first Main Process (MP - Short Booked Patients), it took around 3 months. The Main Process (MP) consist of 16 Sub-processes within. That is including the training and pre- Go-Live prep.
Almost 8 years ago
Bizagi is a Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) whereas MS Visio is simply a drawing tool that can support BPMN Symbols !! It is like comparing apple with orange. Bizagi is a business process modeler and simulator with the added ability to automate (in a nutshell !!!)

About me

- Established Medical Informatics Research & Development Center (MedICen) at Prince Sultan Military Medical City (PSMMC) in Riyadh.
- Achieved WfMC Global Gold Award for Excellence in BPM and Workflow in Healthcare.
- Increased Patient Safety through the adoption of biometric signatures against smart cards.
- Streamlined patient flow through the adoption of Process-Centered Healthcare Information System.
- Established technology shared service model and framework design for a multi-industry Holding Company and its Strategic Business Units (SBUs), including their Application, Information, and Infrastructure Architectures.
- Played an integral role in managing customer expectations and improving customer satisfaction levels within one of the Fortuned 10 technology companies in the world.
- Developed, nurtured and maintained relationships with strategic public sector accounts, which generated almost 78 % of total sales Kingdom-wide.
- Directed, Assigned, and Supervised technical and development tasks to team members and set milestones to monitor progress.
- Built network and communication designs for system proposals demonstrating improvements to existing organizational multi-sites.
- Optimized existing IT processes by identifying and rewriting inefficient procedures, increasing IT response time by over 55% for some services without the need of extra investments
- Assessed infrastructure and system needs and supplied solutions to meet architectural framework, specifications, standards, and expectations.
- Developed and maintained complex mission critical applications to deliver info-driven content to Web and Application users.
- Analyzed developments in Internet technology and proposed far-reaching Web strategy to improve client services and business activity and visibility.
- Designed Intranet departmental portals to automate business processes for inter-departmental and intra-departmental use.

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Almost 8 years ago
Almost 8 years ago