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About 2 years ago
The answer depends on your needs and budget. If you want high performance (who doesn't) or let's say the latency matters more than IOPS for your needs, Netapp AFF is the right choice. You can approach the max. Performance by equipping Unity with SSDs but maybe this costs…
Almost 4 years ago
My research was not for a purchase; it was mainly for product review. My company will select an open source storage (like Ceph) for the cloud business sometime in this year; for your information. Other than this, I evaluate your web site and content pretty good and I'm…
About 4 years ago
Alfred Morgan Jones did a very good job comparing EMC XtremIO and Hitachi Virtual Storage F series above. I recommend everyone to read his analysis. If someone must really make a choice between EMC XtremIO and Hitachi F series in terms of technology, reliability and…