Ian Frawley

Job function
OSS Enterprise Architect
Comms Service Provider
Years of experience
10+ years
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I am currently a part time snowboarder, DevOps enthusiast and drumer working as an Enterprise Architect within the Enterprise Architecture and Innovation team for TalkTalk. I am responsible for defining and articulating the blueprint and vision for OSS Architecture within TalkTalk, working closely with various Business stake holders across group and also the various Solutions, Delivery and Operational Teams. I am expected to provide systems expertise and consultation, on the viability and effectiveness of the solution and how it will fit/impact the multitude of existing code bases within TalkTalk Technology.

In addition to this I am keen to keep an eye on emerging technologies and methodologies and how they can improve TalkTalk and the industry. I am particularly keen on the DevOps movement the automation being embraced. Most recently I have been prototyping and experimenting with technologies like .Net Core 1.0 Microservices running on various Operating Systems like Microsoft Server 2016, Linux (RHEL, Centos & Ubunto) using Docker and Kubernetes. These will eventually bring step changes to TalkTalk.

It is a great time to be an Engineer.

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