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About 3 years ago
Kiwi syslog for SolarWinds must be seen as a patch for SolarWinds Orion NPM. SolarWinds will release a LOG management module for the Orion NPM platform but this product is in an early state of log collecting, searching and filtering. Splunk can be a good tactical solution to…
Over 4 years ago
The REAL user of this article is accurate about the SolarWinds products mentioned. For small implementations initially targeted (SMB), the person installing it will get a WOW factor. Yes you have to tune the system and adapt alerting accordingly that should be in line with…
Over 6 years ago
If you have not heared from SevOne and have been in contact with them. Please do, It will save you a lot of money and you will be the champ forever. You can compare it as riding a bike (you have to paddle) versus a solar driven car that works If you do so, send me a…