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Lead Release Engineer
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51-200 Employees
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10+ years
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I wanted to get back to getting my hands dirty and actually 'do' things as that was the last time I really had fun in the software industry. Sure managing things can be rewarding, but I didn't feel as though I was really creating anything or challenging myself. When an opportunity came along to get back to my roots, I explored it and dove back in. Now, I'm directly involved in the DevOps group at the Rubicon Project, an Online Advertising Technology Company. Working on a complex adserving and trading platform that spans the globe with over 7 Billion impressions daily has been rewarding, challenging, and lots of fun. Hoping to continue the streak of beating Google on comscore.

On the side, I also still run Wootini Gallery. Currently exploring working on some new projects. The physical gallery space is shutdown, though I am open to curating shows and working with other galleries, events, and spaces.

Currently we have Nahualli figures available for wholesale purchase for your own shop or site - please contact our wholesale distributor - DKE Enterprises If you are interested in other Wootini backstock figures, it's possible that something can be worked out and pulled form the 'vault'.

Lastly, I'm also an art collector and love being able to participate in the art scene here in LA. If you have a piece you think I might be interested in, let's talk!

My current want list includes:

Audrey Kawasaki (score!)
Rob Sato (double score!)

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments
Created and Built Red Hat Powertools. Later became

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