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Over 5 years ago
We should evaluate mainly performance of the database as well as pricing of the database. - If you want to host application which has small amount of data and does not have secure content in it you can go for open source databases. - vice versa, if your data has secureā€¦
Over 5 years ago
We are using Pentaho as ETL tool as well for BI from almost 5 years and There are no performance issues. Performance issues will exist if there are problems with your underlying db
Over 5 years ago
I would recommend you to for Pentaho as it is open source and I think for 1000 users Pentaho is descent and cost effective.
Over 5 years ago
Pentaho has also OLAP Schema workbench tool using we can create cubes and can generate reports using Pentaho user console. also we can use plugins such as simba,saiku on top of Penatho, which are very attractive and useful plugins.
Over 5 years ago
There are some issues with stability with Pentaho reporting , but Penatho data integration is very good tool available in market considering its pricing as well as features.
Over 5 years ago
- You could try multithreading feature of Pentaho to increase the performance, also there are lot many options available by using we can improve the performance of the Pentaho jobs and transformations,

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