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Clarity, any data visualisation should be easy to understand. Try to reduce clutter and make sure it relays the message. Still there is something important about style and how eye catchy it is but that is more to do with user preferences and in data journalism.
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Adaptability of the tool Constant Development & investment Ease of use for end consumers

About me

A keen problem solver with an enthusiasm in the analysis and visualisation of data. I have worked in the fields of retail locations and digital media and am interested in the integration of a wide range of data to create usable insight that can help to contribute to the organisation.

I have a wide range of technical skills in the analysis of data from extensive understanding of the interactive data visualisation software Omniscope, knowledge of spatial analysis GIS software and statistical packages such as STATA and R as well as self-taught experience with SQL. I am keen to deploy and develop these skills in a business or organisation with real long term prospects.