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► Motivated customer service and support leader with extensive global experience driving customer care excellence. Innovative strategist, developing and implementing cutting-edge tactics to boost service delivery and streamline support operations.

► Dynamic decision maker, defining company visions, building and leading cross-cultural teams, and fostering robust customer-centric environments. Results-driven company representative, with focus on deepening customer loyalty and satisfaction while securing critical cost savings to improve bottom line.

► Recognized expert in call center management, with experience working in 26 countries in North/South America, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific, and establishing and managing global contact centers ranging from 5 to 350 agents. Strong passion for working internationally in all areas of customer care.

Areas of expertise include:

Strategic Global Management • Global Customer Management • Customer Experience Management
Strategic Analysis/Planning • International Business Development • Process/System Optimization
Team Building/Leadership • Staff Development • Education/Mentoring • Publications/Presentations