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Over 3 years ago
I have done assessment for both products. Performance wise both product are equal, there is no difference. However when looking into infrastructure setup, licencing and management there is a huge difference. Imperva Pros & Cons: PROS: - Simple initial setup.…
About 4 years ago
+1 re merging CounterBreach and SecureSphere together.
About 4 years ago
+1 for Imperva SecureSphere, especially for latest versions. RDBMS and NoSQL coverage might be bigger than Guardium. Performance both Guardium and SecureSphere agents are equal.
About 4 years ago
Completely agree re licencing & technical support, hence technical support is improving a bit ;) What version do you use? We had big stability issues with 9.5 and a bit of 10.5, once upgraded to 11.5 we haven't encountered any big issues yet, apart from random small bugs.

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