55 Points6 Years
Job function
Company size
51-200 Employees
Years of experience
10+ years

On a mission to humanise data, by bringing it to life.

- Data Animtaor: bringing data to life, and eliminating barriers between humans and data
- Building a great business
- Exceeding customer expectations

- CxO roles for 15+ years
- All facets of business analysis; processes, data, commercial performance
- R&D, Production & Operations (in IT start-ups and growth businesses)
- Purchasing & Sales
- Finance & Legal

Information Technology background:
- Programme and Project Management
- Software & Infrastructure Architecture
- Software Analysis, Design & Programming

Specialties: * Commercial-technological hybrid - driving commercial edge from emergent technologies
* Business improvement, through fact-based analysis and understanding
* Communicating commercial opportunity & threat, through data analysis & visualisation

* IT business ideas, through proof-of-concept to market adoption
* Strategic IT planning & execution
* Recurrent revenue stream business models