Tableau in Gartner Magic Quadrant 2015 Report

Gartner recently released the 2015 Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms. In the report, Gartner says Tableau's "intuitive, visual-based data discovery capabilities have transformed business users' expectations about what they can discover in data and share without extensive skills or training," that it "has clearly defined the market in terms of data discovery," and that "at a minimum, [rivals] want to stop the encroachment of Tableau into their customer accounts." However, Gartner also cautions Tableau "has a limited product line focused on data discovery," and that "IT-developed reports and dashboards, traditional styles of analysis, metadata management, development and integration, BI platform administration, embedded BI and collaboration are rated as weaker capabilities of the platform."

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You can explore the rise of Tableau, year on year, in the Gartner BI Magic Quadrant - and compare it with its peers (Tibco Spotfire, Qlik) and the more traditional BI players (SAP, IBM, Microstrategy, Microsoft etc.) here:

Tableau has, indeed, defined data discovery and continues to redefine it with each release. Tableau's focus is what has driven its success - it has retained a laser-sharp focus on where it wants to be, and only pulls in new functional scope in bite-sized pieces. This ensures users can transition between releases quickly and productively.

When partnered with a solid column-store database (it connects to many) and/or Hadoop, and assisted by visual ETL like Alteryx, it's in a class of its own, Gartner has placed it's ability to execute so far ahead of the rest of the BI market that it's astounding - this is, in part, due to its limited focus - but don't confuse focus with limited. Tableau is an extremely capable dashboard / visual reporting / visual analytics environment - as well as the very definition of data discovery.

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Do you mean Spotfire 7? Yes, we need to review it thoroughly, although most of the features heralded on the What's New page on the website look rather like "me too" copies of Tableau functionality (ad hoc grouping, recommended viz - like "Show Me", control over colours/fonts etc.). We evaluated both 5 & 6, and considered partnership at one stage, but Tableau proved more versatile for more projects & clients with greater productivity... Always keen to re-evaluate though - strong opinions, loosely held.

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Good day,
We are exploring various BI/Data Analytics/Visualization technologies. I saw your post related to Tibco Spotfire learning which I am very interested to acquire. If you can provide or point me to materials related to Spotfire 7, possibly a demo that would be very helpful.

We are looking for an ISV relationship to see how it could integrate into our platform.
Thank you,
Michael Roytman.