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About 3 years ago
We've used Data Domain for over a decade. Overall very reliable. I cannot comment on storeonce - sorry.
Over 5 years ago
no, we bought 7450 not storeserv

About me

In October 2012 Storage Management was added to my list of responsibilities.
SAN - VNX & Ds8100
NAS - Celerra, Isilon and VNX Unified
Switches Brocade and Cisco 95xx
Data Domain, TSM, Networker and ATL

Sept. 2014
Recently completed rollout of a network of Isilon NAS across 4 data centers.
Just completed a capital justification for all flash arrays in 3 data centers.

Jan 2015
My team just completed the installation of "all flash" arrays in 3 of our data centers.

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