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Katalon Studio is ranked 7th in Functional Testing Tools with 9 reviews while Ranorex Studio is ranked 11th in Functional Testing Tools with 4 reviews. Katalon Studio is rated 8.8, while Ranorex Studio is rated 8.0. The top reviewer of Katalon Studio writes "Powerful yet easy-to-use and focuses on the end-user as well as interface testing". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Ranorex Studio writes "Offers a strong suite of tools for application testing of mobile, desktop, and API apps". Katalon Studio is most compared with Ranorex Studio, SmartBear TestComplete and Micro Focus UFT One, whereas Ranorex Studio is most compared with SmartBear TestComplete, Katalon Studio and Micro Focus UFT One. See our Katalon Studio vs. Ranorex Studio report.
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This is a product that is well ahead of its immediate competition in features and functionality.The basic framework and project organization is very good.This solution is very user-friendly to learn and implement, and less technical knowledge is required to handle automation.The functionality of the data is very good. You can upload and disperse data using the solution.We can write code in Java and it is easy to link to other JARs that we find on the internet, which is very handy.We are now performing automated testing in 15 minutes, which were previously taking a long time when doing it manually.I personally like the 'Object Spy' feature of this tool. It makes it easy to find an element on the web page.The best feature is the split up between test cases and the test object. This allows us to easily change an error.

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This is a powerful, reliable and versatile all-around application testing suite.The scalability is very good. It's probably one of the better tools I've seen on the market.Support is very quick. You can write to them and on the same day, they will respond. This is one of the best features.The solutions's regression testing is very important for our company, as is the continuous integration process.

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They need to work on documentation to make it more centralized and easier to find what you are looking for.We have had some issues when it comes to stability, which is something that needs to be improved.My recently-updated Katalon studio version hangs a lot and is not a stable version.Katalon doesn't support testing of hybrid applications. It's a limitation.The Object Spy is rather frustrating to work with, so I tend not to use it.It should start working on Silverlight automation.Support options need improvement. It is sometimes hard to find a solution to any given problem, thus you are forced to use another solution.Object Spy is brittle. When I try to capture objects, I have to proceed multiple times before it works.

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For our purposes it requires integration with other products to get out the results in the format we want them. Adding this to the product could improve it.One of the areas the service could be improved would be to have the training in Italian.If there are many queries on the web page, Ranorex will not render the page correctly. I had about 1,000 queries on the page, and the solution was not able to handle it.Binding to other sources is very good but the object recognition in .NET desktop applications often doesn't work.Ranorex is used in Windows while other solutions, for example, Katalon Studio, are cross-platform. (But in my opinion, overall, Ranorex is better).When Ranorex is upgraded, the compatibility with other projects, in version control, in-house or on-premise, fails on occasion. However, overall, the stability is good.

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Pricing and Cost Advice
There is a free version of the tool to use and support is available through the community forums, but there is a licensed version as well.It is freeware software, so start using it.The tool is free to use.This product is freeware, so there is no charge for using it.There is no cost for setup or licensing.

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There are several types of licenses and you need to choose depending on your needs and level of usage.We paid €3,000 (approximately $3,300 USD) for this solution. When you add the runtime licenses it will be €3,500 (approximately $3,900 USD).

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Answers from the Community
Nurit Sherman
author avatarAnuj Kataria

Katalon Studio is much better as it is open source and based on Selenium. So it gives you the power of designing your customized solutions.

author avatarSrividya-Nagaraju

In case if its a Web application and also if you are having many freshers in your team, Katalon is the ideal tool. Yes we have couple of challenges when its comes to React js UI automation

author avatarRajni Singh

Ranorex as we are facing challenges in Katalon.

author avatarThangavel Sundaram
Real User

My vote is for Katalon compared with Ranorex. As Katalon is open source and you can do a combination of service and UI testing. The UI looks pretty good (even if its open source). It will be simple and good to use.

author avatarFareed Ab

Katalon isn’t a real competitor in the market being opensource but here is the info which I’ve listed below based on my experience.

· No desktop test support (theoretically through the WinAppDriver)
· Clumsy UX
· Takes a while to get into the tool
· Everything is table based (This is confusing)
· Really long XPaths
· Spy "complicated" (unusable)
· Shadow DOM support
· No remote test execution viewing possibility
· Very few information in the report – mostly just failed/passed
· Limited Integrations
· Generated code is not good
· No "direct" iOS testing from windows – but works through Kobiton devices.

author avatarHwansung Kim
Real User

I’m sorry but I use TestComplete tool.

I checked the automation tools Katalon, Ranorex and the others.

But there have some problems.

For example, Katalon is useful in web application only.

Ranorex is very cheap but the features are too hard.

TestComplete is a little expensive but the function is good and the usability is excellent.

author avatarBrian Le Suer

We're a little biased towards AscentialTest ;-)

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Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is a simple and powerful automation solution built by KMS Technology for testers everywhere. The tool provides features comparable to popular commercial solutions while eliminating the hassle of building an automation framework from open sources. Best of all, we are committed to keeping Katalon Studio free.

Ranorex is a leading software development company that offers innovative test automation software. Ranorex makes testing easy, saves time in the testing process and empowers clients to ensure the highest quality of their products. Its flexible tools and quick ROI make it the ideal choice for companies of virtually any size – and this is why thousands of clients in over 60 countries trust in its excellence.

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Find out what your peers are saying about Katalon Studio vs. Ranorex Studio and other solutions. Updated: January 2020.
391,616 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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