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Micro Focus Operations Manager is ranked 10th in Event Monitoring with 4 reviews vs SCCM which is ranked 5th in Server Monitoring with 8 reviews. The top reviewer of Micro Focus Operations Manager writes "The most valuable feature is its ability to integrate with everything. There are not enough skills within the African region". The top reviewer of SCCM writes "Enables us to set up schedules, according to security needs, to automate server and desktop patching". Micro Focus Operations Manager is most compared with Operations Bridge, SCOM and BMC TrueSight Operations Management. SCCM is most compared with IBM BigFix, Ansible and Quest KACE Systems Management.
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The Performance Manager provides great insight into our systems' performance.It has greatly reduced the number and duration of outages as support teams are notified immediately when something goes wrong or even before something breaks.The integration with the ticketing tool makes sure that there is a record for every issue.It allows us to build dashboards for individual parts of the business. Our team members appreciate that they can just get a view of their part of the world without having to worry about anyone else's.The most valuable feature is its ability to integrate with everything.The broad integration possibilities, I'd say, with any kind of product, are probably the most valuable feature.

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It is a good choice for deployment that performs very well.It saves a lot of money when you can install things automatically and they are installed the exact same way on every computer.There is a faster time to rollout. If we get a new PC, it can be ready for productivity right away.With the SCCM inventory, we found a lot of rogue applications. We were able to identify them, find out who was running them, and either put them on our application list or remove them.It gives us the ability to set up schedules, according to what our security requirements are, to automate the patching of our servers and desktops.What's valuable is the basic management of the systems, being able to control who can access the systems.You can remote control or RDP. That has been the most valuable because we can go into one console and can get to anything we want. Instead of going to all these different consoles, we centralized everything.With the right administrator, application deployment can do wonders.

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Installing and upgrading the HPOM and Operations Agent software is not always easy and the process can be quite fragile. Once it is running, it is very quick and stable, but an upgrade can quite easily break something or terminate unexpectedly.I know that in the next version, X1005, they're moving to more graphical overviews, which should help our senior managers.Our issues are largely support related due to where we are and the knowledge base that we have here. This issue relates both HPE in general and to the technical products.We are waiting for quicker release cycles. Also containerized upgrade, so that you don't have to bring a system entirely down to make a minor upgrade, in fact, or a minor patch.

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The setup was complex and I faced a lot of problems initially because I was new to the solution.Our company would prefer not rebooting computers while people are using them. There seems to be no strategy behind it.Marketing: Our management doesn't understand that there is a piece of software which helps them automate and manage the entire network, as far as operating systems on computers.Troubleshooting in general needs improvement. There's just a ton of logs to go through, and so finding the error log that corresponds with that you're doing can sometimes be difficult.There is a reboot issue with the patching. Sometimes, if patching runs into any issue whatsoever, it doesn't reboot but it doesn't tell you it errored out. It just sits there and we don't find out until the next day whether it patched or not. That was a big issue for us. We're working through that. They added some stuff in there now where you can actually tell reboot is pending. But we still need some kind of notification that if something fails or is pending, we know. We shouldn't have to go in and look. They don't have anything for that right now.Their compliance reporting is not accurate, and they admitted it on the phone when we had a call with them. We were trying to understand why their numbers didn't match on our compliance reports. It is not accurate and you cannot depend on the compliance reports. The numbers just don't match, and we can't figure out why. We called Microsoft and they said, "Yeah, that's a known issue." But there is no word that they're working on it.There's no way to say, "I want this maintenance window to be on the second Tuesday of the month." It's strict. This window is this and that's it. You can't fluctuate.As far as load balancing across, they don't have that support yet, so that you can actually build multiple primaries and have it load balance across. They don't have any of that functionality yet. That would be a nice feature, to scale that way.

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SCCM comes with its own version of SQL Server. If you use that SQL Server with SCCM and don't use it for another applications than you get an SQL Server for free.Overall, I think it's fine. It's pretty much in-line because there are ways to offset it with the Office 365 licensing.Pricing and licensing are a downside of SCCM. It's expensive. I'd have to confirm this, but I think they changed the licensing to core-based instead of socket-based. It's not cheap, because you have to buy the software, you have to buy SQL. Another thing we learned from talking to Microsoft is that they provide you a license for SQL if you run it on the same box as the primary server. If you run it outside that box, you have to buy SQL. Microsoft does recommend you running it on the same box because of performance. But then, in order to run SQL, SCCM, and everything on the same box, you better have some resources. It's an expensive solution. There's no doubt about it.Pricing and licensing are horrible. You have to not look at dollar value to use SCCM. It's super-duper expensive but it works. The acquisition cost is expensive, it's labor-intensive. But it works.

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HPE Operations ManagerSystem Center Configuration Manager
Micro Focus

Micro Focus Operations Manager is infrastructure monitoring software that proactively performs root cause analysis to help you reduce the time to repair and the cost of operations management.

With System Center Configuration Manager, you can manage PCs and servers, keeping software up-to-date, setting configuration and security policies, and monitoring system status while giving your employees access to corporate applications on the devices that they choose.
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