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Find out what your peers are saying about SAP Business Warehouse vs. Snowflake and other solutions. Updated: November 2021.
554,873 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:

"Having the back-end data set with the right information is the best qualification for this solution.""In terms of stability, comparatively, the solution is quite stable.""The features that I have found most valuable are its capabilities to connect to Excel and to slice and dice.""The solution has functionality that makes it easy for end-users to readily extract data directly from Business Warehouse into Excel and carry on their analysis on their own.""I like that it integrates to open-source."

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"The snapshot feature is good, the rollback feature is good and the interface is user-friendly.""Working with Parquet files is support out of the box and it makes large dataset processing much easier.""The features that I have found most valuable are the ease of use, the rapidness, how quickly the solution can be implemented, and of course that it's been very easy to move from the on-premise world to the Cloud world because Snowflake is based on SQL also.""Great scalability and near zero maintenance.""The Mbps they have established is quite a bit faster than any other data warehouse.""The pricing is reasonable and matches the rest of the market.""Data sharing is a good feature. It is a majorly used feature. The elastic compute is another big feature. Separating compute and storage gives you flexibility. It doesn't require much DBA involvement because it doesn't need any performance tuning. We are not really doing any performance tuning, and the entire burden of performance tuning and SQL tuning is on Snowflake. Its usability is very good. I don't need to ramp up any user, and its onboarding is easier. You just onboard the user, and you are done with it. There are simple SQL and UI, and people are able to use this solution easily. Ease of use is a big thing in Snowflake.""Snowflake is an enormously useful platform. The Snowpipe feature is valuable because it allows us to load terabytes and petabytes of data into the data mart at a very low cost."

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"A few things which are missing include the visualization of reports. That's where your costs and licensing become heavy. When it comes to this database compared Microsoft Warehouse, it's an expensive solution.""SAP Business Warehouse could integrate better with other ETL tools.""I would like to see a different end solution in order to read the data and attract internal users.""We are very unhappy with technical support. First of all, they send their sales agents or pre-sales agents and most of them who don't know the solution as a properly trained tech would. We have an on-site SAP representative who is supposed to help us with our high priority and production issues, and they're not satisfactory to say the least.""More integration with Microsoft Office products (not just Excel) would be helpful."

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"If we can have a feature where the results can be moved to different tabs, so that I can compare the results with earlier queries before applying the changes, it would be great.""I would like to see a client version of the GUI.""There are a lot of features that they need to come up with. A lot of functions are missing in Snowflake, so we have to find a workaround for those. For example, OUTER APPLY is a basic function in SQL Server, but it is not there in Snowflake. So, you have to write complex code for it.""Maybe there could be some more connectors to other systems, but this is what they are constantly developing anyway.""An additional feature I'd like to see is called materialized views, which can speed up some run times. I'd like it to be able to be used where you can have multiple tables inside them; materialized view. That would be nice. As well as being able to run cursors, to be able to do some bulk updates and some more advanced querying, table building on the fly.""Their UiPath, the workspace area, needs some work.""It would be better if they had a data profile tool that tells me where the gaps are in my time series data.""The pricing of the solution should be much easier to calculate or find by yourself."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
"It's moderately expensive, but definitely has its branding and price value for it."

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"It is per credit. It has a use-it-as-you-go model. We bought a chunk of 20,000 credits, and they were lasting us for at least a year. We didn't have the scale of data like a much larger company to consume more credits. For us, it was very inexpensive. Their strategy is just to leverage what you've got and put Snowflake in the middle. It doesn't make it expensive because most of the organizations already have reporting tools. Now, if you were starting from scratch, it might be cheaper to go a different way.""We used Snowflake to see if it is cheaper than using BigQuery. It was just to maintain the cost or the KPI regarding the cost of connectivity by users. Snowflake wasn't cheaper than BigQuery, and its affordability was the main issue.""The price of Snowflake is very reasonable.""The price of Snowflake is quite reasonable.""There is a licensing for this solution and we purchased an enterprise license. Overall the solution is cost-effective.""They give a different price for every single company. I don't know if I negotiated that well, but we got the enterprise tier for $3 a credit, and the other two were a dollar-ninety a credit. I suspect we don't have almost zero compute usage, but I know that our annual contract packages are below all of their minimums.""The whole licensing system is based on credit points. You can also make a license agreement with the company so that you buy credit points and then you use them. What you do not use in one year can be carried over to the next year.""Pricing is approximately $US 50 per DB. Terabyte is around $US 50 per month."

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554,873 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Questions from the Community
Top Answer: I like that it integrates to open-source.
Top Answer: It's moderately expensive, but definitely has its branding and price value for it.
Top Answer: SAP Business Warehouse could integrate better with other ETL tools. There is some complexity to the setup. It would be helpful if the setup could be simplified. I would like to see more MLOps… more »
Top Answer: It requires no maintenance on our part. They handle all that. The speed is phenomenal. The pricing isn't really anything more than what you would be paying for a SQL server license or another tool to… more »
Top Answer: For our licensing, we renew every January by $25,000 in both credits. Their pricing structure is a pay-per-second usage in terms of credits, but you can get discounts if you buy them in bulk. I think… more »
Top Answer: One area for improvement would be the stored procedures. Currently, their stored procedures can only be executed at a transactional level versus being able to run and do updates and run things in a… more »
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Reporting, analysis and interpretation of business data are crucial to preserve and enhance the competitive edge of companies by optimizing processes and enabling them to react quickly and in line with market needs. SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) provides tools and functions that enable companies to attain these goals. In SAP BW, you can integrate, transform, and consolidate relevant business information from productive SAP applications and external data sources. SAP BW provides you with a high-performance infrastructure that helps you evaluate and interpret data. Decision makers can make well-founded decisions and identify target-orientated activities on the basis of the analyzed data.

Snowflake provides a data warehouse built for the cloud, delivering a solution capable of solving problems for which legacy, on-premises and cloud data platforms were not designed.

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Find out what your peers are saying about SAP Business Warehouse vs. Snowflake and other solutions. Updated: November 2021.
554,873 professionals have used our research since 2012.

SAP Business Warehouse is ranked 7th in Cloud Data Warehouse with 5 reviews while Snowflake is ranked 1st in Cloud Data Warehouse with 40 reviews. SAP Business Warehouse is rated 7.6, while Snowflake is rated 8.4. The top reviewer of SAP Business Warehouse writes "Has ready-made connectors where we can extract data from ". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Snowflake writes "Fast, convenient and requires almost no administration". SAP Business Warehouse is most compared with Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics and SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse, whereas Snowflake is most compared with Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics, Amazon Redshift, Vertica, Teradata and IBM Netezza Performance Server. See our SAP Business Warehouse vs. Snowflake report.

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