Data warehouse report from it central station 2018 01 13 thumbnail
Find out what your peers are saying about Oracle, Micro Focus, Teradata and others in Data Warehouse.
246,941 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Data warehouse report from it central station 2018 01 13 thumbnail
Find out what your peers are saying about Oracle, Micro Focus, Teradata and others in Data Warehouse.
246,941 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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What is Data Warehouse?

A Data Warehouse, sometimes categorized as an Enterprise Data Warehouse, (DW or DWH) is a data analysis and reporting system. Data Warehouses are fundamental storehouses of integrated data from single, or multiple sources, storing historical or current data in one location where data is utilized, creating reports for designated Enterprise users.

A DW is considered an integral component of business intelligence and describes a system used to analyze an organization's raw data. The Data Warehouse oversees the performance of a business database and monitors its agility when loading and retrieving data.

IT professionals on IT Central Station have certain core requirements when looking at the integration of a Data Warehouse. Some of these include which analytical capabilities are supported. For example, support of SAP HANA is viewed as a plus because it has necessary, analytical layers built within the Data Warehouse.

Other important criteria include the variety of supported data, structured and unstructured, and how they co-exist among various big data solutions. There are options where a Data Warehouse would have the capability to integrate or support other data management solutions. The inclusion of ETL tools, with extensibility, is always a preference in the Data Warehousing solution.

Some IT and DevOps professionals see Data Warehousing address both business and technical requirements because of the evolution from high-powered databases, with storage locally or in the cloud, (enhanced storage) to significant Enterprise information management solutions. Certain warehouse data is transferred from dedicated systems, such as Sales or Marketing. Data may be cleansed to ensure the quality of data before using it for reporting purposes.

Hence, ease of using in finding and retrieving data is essential. For Data Warehousing, IT and DevOps are focused on the total cost of ownership, scalability and performance features such as in-memory architecture, and row-based optics versus columnar or parallel processing. Storage optimization is key for data compression capability and caching. Of course, security and compliance for regulated organizations need support for data access control, masking, and auditing.

Data Warehouse Reviews

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Data warehouse report from it central station 2018 01 13 thumbnail
Find out what your peers are saying about Oracle, Micro Focus, Teradata and others in Data Warehouse.
246,941 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Data warehouse report from it central station 2018 01 13 thumbnail
Find out what your peers are saying about Oracle, Micro Focus, Teradata and others in Data Warehouse.
246,941 professionals have used our research since 2012.

Data Warehouse Articles

Gareth crawshaw li?1414337963

An experienced and ambitious BI Lead, with experience in the Financial Services and Technology industries. With advanced analytical skills developed in Banking & Insurance, coupled with leadership of data warehousing programmes. I specialise in transforming information into value adding... more>>

Technical Director
With over 17 years of professional IT experience, Chris is a certified expert in managing and implementing technology solutions resulting in optimized and scalable operational environments. In one role, he provided direction of daily operations while managing special projects to include: data... more>>
Reviewed Oracle Enterprise Manager: Represents the best of the breed. Very powerful...
71a29f2f 8832 4dfe b435 cedcd4452011 avatar
Enterprise DWH Architect - Oracle ACE Director
• Honored as Oracle ACE Director on Business Intelligence expertise. • Awarded as Oracle Excellence Awards, Technologist of the Year 2011 : Enterprise Architect. (formerly known as - Oracle Magazine's Editors' Choice of Awards : Enterprise Architect of the Year 2011) • Presented at Oracle Open... more>>
Reviewed Oracle Data Quality: I like the ease of management within ODI.
Ricardo diaz li?1414338809
Siempre innovador! Empresario, con la mirada fija en cumplir mis metas siempre ayudando a los demás y compartiendo conocimiento.....con el afán de hacer crecer el Software Libre en el país... Experto en Inteligencia de Negocios, Data Warehousing y Big Data
3d4f9fa6 cf59 4860 ab16 149a577fbcba avatar
Experience in design, development and deployment of applications build on Client/Server Systems, Data warehousing ,Big Data,Business Intelligence applications. Extensive experience Knowledge on MPP database including Netezza Twinfin/Striper Appliance,Teradata and AsterData. Good experience... more>>
Ac828e79 9183 4a39 82be 3200bebea1ed avatar
Owner - Consultant
Oracle DBA with more than 15 years of experience in technical leadership, computer technologies and critical missions. Expertise in Oracle Database Management and setup, high availability, critical recovery scenarios, server and application tuning. Proven advanced diagnostic abilities.... more>>
042d32a9 ebd7 4fa8 8d4b f08737222bcd avatar?1437580748
Professional Services Senior Consultant
• Más de 24 años de experiencia en Consultoría, de los cuales los últimos 14 años he trabajado en Teradata Iberia SLU. • Profundo conocimiento en bases de datos y Teradata Data Warehouse, en particular en implantaciones Teradata para Industrias de Telecomunicaciones, Retail y... more>>
0c9bce29 fb0a 4f7e a93d be896202f2cc avatar
Technology Architect
Expertise in designing & developing solutions in Greenplum which is a distributed and massively parallel processing (MPP) database engine. Expertise in performance tuning Greenplum design for extracting best performance leveraging MPP capabilities. Expertise in data modelling (Conceptual,... more>>
Add pombal
Technical computer science engineer. Nowadays DW and BI consultant with 5 years experience in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence. Good knowledge in processes of a BI/DW project. Specialties:Designing, developing and maintaining data marts. Design and build ETL processes, OLAP... more>>
1c95ac0d e515 4b83 a668 f3c137d4ce17 avatar?1450164360
Professional Experience: * Greenplum Database handling * Greenplum Database design * Agile and Scrum * Data-modeling * MPP Database * Worked with companies to set up a Database Development and a Web design portal * Base frame work for a R Route Firewall * Advance leveler for Ad-hoc... more>>
Reviewed Pivotal Greenplum HD: Strong integration with Greenplum Servers.
Picture 1103 1358283403
 Passionately believe that Information Technology provides the best opportunity to improve the competitive advantage be it from reduced operating costs, improved communications, better and consistent information, reliable and accurate source of data or improving research and fostering growth in... more>>
Reviewed Oracle Database: Beware: Need to monitor disk space
Davide moraschi li?1414329707
Senior business Intelligence consultant
Freelance MicroStrategy Professional. Author of the book: "Business Intelligence with MicroStrategy" I've been doing Business Intelligence projects with MicroStrategy and SQL Server/Oracle for the last 10 years now. I have experience in several sectors including Healthcare, Agriculture and... more>>
1fa40977 cae8 4758 96ba 7aa393fa53d1 avatar
Team Leader of I&O Team in Bridge Consulting (Florence, Italy). Main activities: project management, coordination/planning, installation/problem solving. Trainer of new colleagues. Everyday involved with big customers such as Gucci, Unicoop Firenze, Ferragamo and so on. Oracle CAB: 2014... more>>
Cbbd5a88 6420 4e6e a3e2 96f7ae4d755d avatar
Business Intelligence Consultant
Experienced Business Intelligence specialist with diversified knowledge and expertise in maintaining analytical environments, providing technical support and creating solutions in alignment with business targets. Technological experience in diversified business areas: Entertainment,... more>>
E3a4634f ad99 4ae8 b0bc 5f0d93fa36e5 avatar?1448455151
Technology Consultant (Netezza/Big Data)
Varun is an astute professional with 7+ years’ of qualitative experience in the areas of Big data processing, ETL/ELT, data visualization, massive parallel processing (MPP), effective data storage, server monitoring (Netezza). Varun comes with vast exposure in Client handling and Onsite... more>>
14b6012d f2db 4666 b410 9fc8e3d44748 avatar
Management Consultant
Program Manager, R&D, Microsoft Corporation Director, Search Business Consulting, Fast Search & Transfer ASA. Specialties: Product innovation & development, business development, and search technology

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