PortSwigger Burp Valuable Features

Vijayanathan Naganathan
Director - Head of Delivery Services at Ticking Minds Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd
I like the way the tool has been designed. Once I capture the proxy, I'm able to transfer across, all the requested information that is there. I can send across the request to the 'Repeater' feature. I put in malicious payloads and then see how the application responds to it. More than that, the Repeater and Intruder are really awesome features on BurpSuite. For example, if I'm going to test for a SQL injection, I have certain payloads that are trying to break into the application. I make use of these predefined payloads which come as part of the tool are really useful for us to use and see how the application behaves. We are able to approximate well to see if the application is breaking through at any point in time. So the Repeater and the Intruder, are great features that are there. More than that I think the entire community support is really fabulous. As well as of the number of plug-ins that people have written for the tool. Those have been standouts. Community support is really strong. We see a lot of plug-ins that are made available that work along with the tool. View full review »
Manish Rana
Senior Information Security Analyst at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
Burp is the best web application penetration testing tool that I have ever used. Although all the features of Burp are very useful, I personally love its capability to automatically and accurately detect vulnerabilities. So, I would say it is the Burp scanner that is THE most powerful, valuable, and an awesome feature. Another, very interesting and quite extensible feature is Intruder. The way you can customize your payloads to suit your penetration testing needs is simply outstanding. The best thing is that all features are available just out-of-the-box and at a very nominal price. View full review »
Rishi Kant
Senior Security Engineer at a insurance company with 10,001+ employees
There are several features that I like about this solution. The most valuable feature is that it has support for add-ons where we can add extra little scripts to the tool to perform more automated testing. I like using the Repeater feature to perform proxy testing, and the Repeaters have dashboards now. The add-ons are compatible with the dashboards, as well. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about PortSwigger, Acunetix, HCL and others in Application Security. Updated: October 2019.
377,264 professionals have used our research since 2012.
The auto scanning feature provides really good details about issues that it finds. Crawling web applications using Burp Spider, Target Site Map, automating customized attack with Burp Intruder, and manipulating parameters with Burp Repeater are the most useful and used features. View full review »
Nidhi Chamotra
Business Analyst at a consultancy with 10,001+ employees
The solution is very user-friendly. The way they do the research and they keep their profile up to date is great. They identify vulnerabilities and update them immediately. View full review »
Andrei Sandulescu
IT Auditor & Compliance Officer at a tech vendor with 51-200 employees
The most valuable feature of this solution is the scanning functionality. Some of the extensions, available using Burp Extender, are also very good and we have found issues by using them. Burp Intruder is another very good feature in this solution. View full review »
Cyber Security Analyst at a tech vendor with 1,001-5,000 employees
The Spider is the most useful feature. It helps to analyze the entire web application and it finds all the passes and offers an automated identification of security issues. View full review »
Security Analyst at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
In my opinion, all of the features seem to be of equal value really. I'm currently using the latest version. View full review »
Ivan Biagi
Security Specialist at a tech consulting company with 1-10 employees
The best feature that I've found is the built-in manual tools. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about PortSwigger, Acunetix, HCL and others in Application Security. Updated: October 2019.
377,264 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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