2015-10-25 12:49:38 UTC

When evaluating Application Security, what aspect do you think is the most important to look for?

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understand the development lifecycle and embed appropriate controls

2017-08-02 20:10:59 UTC02 August 17

Secure User access solution, (2 factor authentication etc). Ability to provide only the required user access privileges based on user type. Secure communication between user and application and application and database. Encryption of database depending on sensitivity of data.

2016-06-14 19:02:57 UTC14 June 16

Applications is not an easy task -- especially when the application is in a constant state of flux to accommodate and adapt to business needs. One of the most important, yet overlooked aspects of application security is to know what you are defending and to understand it properly. It's critical to have an understanding of an application from the outside-in of what technologies it relies on; potential risks associated with it; and organizational impact associated with a security breach in that application.

Properly understanding an application allows you to identify possible weak spots and also helps you narrow down your scope during testing, as well as knowing what vulnerabilities, bad coding practices and patches your organization need to watch out for. It's good to also keep in mind that understanding a target is the first step an attacker takes -- knowing about, and fixing that bug or mis-configuration before an attacker exploits it is the aim of the game.

Furthermore, while aiming to prevent security vulnerabilities is a step in the right direction towards reducing your risk surface, preventive measures alone are not going to provide you with evidence to back-up your efforts. Even the best and brightest security conscious engineers miss a vulnerability or a patch now and then -- it’s part of being human.

You need to back-up your application security efforts with frequent testing. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to manually pen-test an application at the speed at which new code gets deployed. Moreover, manual testing can get very costly very quickly, and is not salable. Automated security testing helps organizations test for vulnerabilities against an increasingly growing threat surface very quickly and in a scalable manner at a low, predictable costs, meaning that new code can roll off the assembly line faster without compromising your application's security baseline.

So in summary, know what you're trying to secure well, test continuously, and leverage the agility of automated testing to build security into applications as opposed to bolting it on.

2016-03-16 13:04:18 UTC16 March 16

Simply, I would want to know where my risk is, with real intelligent information with metrics and not noise

2016-02-15 12:21:54 UTC15 February 16

Potential for vulnerability, reputation of the app and usage pattern

2016-01-25 20:34:28 UTC25 January 16
ConsultantTOP 20

The most important aspect to look for in Application Security should be about Data Handling. It should be able to answer the basic questions like where does the data from the application go, who has access to the data and how long does the data need to be accessible for consumption which the Application may or may not expose.

2015-12-20 04:17:13 UTC20 December 15
Real UserTOP 20

I think that is important to review if the problem of maintenance which were mention before was correct. And we can also see Secure SDLC, the design, the deployment and the maintenance

2015-12-03 15:43:42 UTC03 December 15
Real User

Secure SDLC, start with security Requirements (ASVS) - Design (Threat Modeling) - Devlopment (Coding best practices & SCA) - Testing (VA/PT) - Deployment (configuration, network appliances)

2015-12-02 22:23:54 UTC02 December 15

Documentation and technical support if application is retail. If a developing application well defined coding standards along with documentation.

2015-12-02 19:34:39 UTC02 December 15
ConsultantTOP 20

Ability to lock down configuration settings.

2015-11-21 15:47:39 UTC21 November 15
Real UserTOP 20

Data Exploring and Charting.

2015-11-09 07:27:20 UTC09 November 15
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