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28 days ago
Most DLP solutions provide monitoring for Web Upload. It can be done in two ways: agent-based module can control what is going to be uploaded and/or network module that is usually connected to the proxy server via iCAP does the same 
About 1 month ago
Of course you have to choose between on-prem and cloud. Cloud setup looks simpler but you need to think how to pass SaaS into your network and what data would be stored outside your network. On-prem could provide more scenarios including hardware brute-forcing and air-gapped…
2 months ago
Commvault and Veeam
8 months ago
Answered a question EndPoint DLP for Mac Network
Antivirus and DLP are separate products even for vendors that provide both. Of course you need to understand what DLP features comply you best. There are three common approaches: 1) DLP by content. Classical DLP Suites utilize fingerprinting (Forcepoint, McAfee, GTB,…

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