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2 months ago
That's a good question. But I would actually respond with a question.  How to create a good "visualization"?  Before creating a good dashboard in Tableau I would recommend looking at Data: - Visualization. https://www.tableau.com/learn/...- One of my favorites:…
2 months ago
Traditional ETL would usually use a dedicated database (or even database server) where you'll load & transform your raw data before ingesting it into the final destination. This would allow checking data before its final destination.  Data transformation pipeline in DW with…
7 months ago
@Ariful Mondal, MLE℠ Thank you! I'm glad you found this to be helpful. Is there a tool you prefer over the others?
10 months ago
For a data warehouse project, there is nothing on the market today that can compete with SnowFlake. TeraData is trying to play catchup, and AWS Redshift trying to come up with an hybrid. Snowflake is already years ahead with Data Share, allow you companies to share a their…
About 1 year ago
Snowflake is probably the best data warehouse solution on the market. AWS is playing catch up with S3 Data Lake and Redshift AR3 but they are nowhere close to where SF is.  Of course, SF's true compute and storage capabilities make it unique. Being able to scale query…

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