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Expert in facilitating realistic sustainable DevOps success via Agile IT services, Lean ITSM processes:

25 yrs IT leadership experience, 15 yrs IT Service Management (ITSM) transformation, IT business process improvement and ITIL design/implementation consulting experience. Broad base of industry expertise including Health Care, Insurance, Banking, Biotech, Retail, Government, Military, Technology Retail (Software and Hardware), Business Consulting, Manufacturing.

Specialized career focus on creative organizational culture change facilitation strategies essential for adapting the 'heroic effort-based' IT rewards and recognition culture to a new Service Provider based culture leveraging a formalized (documented) change resistance management strategy. This formal strategy is tailored specifically for the prevailing IT Department change resistance culture, and designed around the level of change sponsorship anticipated from corporate and IT management.

Career Focusl: Mastery of the non-traditional IT Leadership skill-set required to facilitate a transformation in the IT department rewards and recognition culture, in support of a department that is more effective in delivering competitive advantages for the organization, based on a new Service focus, Process-based and customer driven vision.

Specialties: Realistic and practically achievable strategies for evolving the IT Department practices to meet the demands of technology dependent organizations.

Custom-tailored transformation blueprints based on the current IT Department culture, the IT Leadership team change sponsorship skill base, and the existing change resistance approaches used.

Broad base of industry experience and expertise in business process automation, business analysis, process improvement and IT Governance requirements.