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About 1 year ago
The principal difference are the technologies, different OS's, different programmer languages, and different tools for testing, the logic to automate testing depend on these factors, we need to review this factors to define the correct test strategy. With mobile tests, we…
Over 1 year ago
Micro Focus has tools for support all end to end testing process, so in this case is one of the best tools for testing SAP or other environments non SAP, we know that market exist a many variety with a good tools, but is important understand customer with their needs and…
Over 1 year ago
In my experience with SAP Core Banking implementation, the best tool to automate without pain and with a strength of agility and support, have been the Microfocus ALM tools (UFT One, UFT One Mobile, LoadRunner, Quality Control Manager) this tool since it emerged in Mercury…
Over 1 year ago
Ensuring that the tool covers the technological characteristics of its infrastructure, its budget and above all ensuring that it serves to cover E2E throughout the life cycle of functional and non-functional tests, concluding with a PoC to show the capacity of the tool is…