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An excellent place for sharing experiences and also learning new things from peers in the IT industry. I've also found it an excellent tool for finding solutions to the wierder technical issues we come across on a daily basis ... keep up the good work team.
Almost 7 years ago
In my experience, the cisco devices do handle extremes quite well, I've worked with millitary deployable kit thats dropped off trucks or out of aircraft, or in mine sites with unstable power and numerous other nasties. The biggest issue with these kinds of environments is…
Almost 7 years ago
Have to agree with Durrell, while the equipment and support performs better than the competitors in my opinion, the shear volume of training that has been put out by Cisco has made it the leader. Other providers offer training of course, but none are as comprehensive and…

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RAAF trained electronics technician, worked on various networks over the years, currently working for AT&T as a senior network engineer in the Australian Network management centre. Responsible for fault analysis and rectification on customer an internal networks both locally and globally.