What do you like best about IT Central Station and which areas have room for improvement?


What do you like best about IT Central Station and which areas have room for improvement?

Please share your opinions and thoughts by commenting below (or email feedback@itcentralstation.com)

author avatarit_user78465 (CEO at a consultancy with 501-1,000 employees)

Thanks for asking!

We very much appreciate IT Central Station as a forum for sharing important information about technology solutions and IT vendor companies from the perspectives of a wide variety of our peers in the IT Industry.

Many of the reviews we read are valuable and most helpful, and some of the reviews ... not so much.

Some reviewers saying, "I really like such and such a solution." or "Such and so is the best solution out there." are not all that helpful.

All reviewers should be gently guided by IT Central Station policy to include both:

1) The specific strengths of a given solution or vendor being reviewed, as well as

2) The opportunities for improvement that are available for the solution or vendor in question, as well.

We would recommend that, just as your question is stated above, all reviewers need to be guided and ultimately governed by such expectations.

John Becker
Chief Governance Officer
Phenix Energy Group

author avatarit_user10839 (Marketing at NETSCOUT Systems)

It would be great to have a way to interact with customers and prospects as a vendor. This would allow us to not only answer questions but to also develop relationships with individuals who would be interested in participating and beta programs and an advisory committee. These are some of the best ways we can shape products to directly meet customer needs.

author avatarJhornber
Top 20Real User

A great resource for practical, and often very impartial reviews. Other sites/forums often seem to be flooded by Vendors, who obviously have a keen interest in pushing their particular product. It's also a fantastic way to keep an eye on the overall, ever-changing, BI landscape.

ITCS user