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I think this comparison is apples and oranges. OpenShift is orchestration of Docker on RedHat is unique set of applications while Oracle Java Cloud Service is PaaS by Oracle which enables Weblogic deployments on Oracle Cloud. OpenShift is used to Orchestrate Docker…
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Aws has trusted advisor. Also look at park my cloud. Also if you use spot instances it will help you reduce costs. TCO - total cost of ownership
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Have you done tco analysis?
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Infrastructure as a Service Clouds (IaaS)
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Infrastructure as a Service Clouds (IaaS)

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I have built my expertise in transforming technology companies by leading them from incubation to maturity. During course of my career I have been abstracting technology complexity and creating simple solutions for complex business problems.

I am very well versed with a startup culture and have worked with multiple successful startups. Outsourcing transitions and setting up solutions delivery organizations is one of the key components of my skills portfolio. Recently, I am have been conducting technology transformations by using Cloud and DevOp. I have built significant expertise in managing FINTECH. For most part, acted as a trusted source for strategic decision making. Experienced civil services administrator.

Specialties: Solutions delivery, Project Management, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, DevOps, EA, SAFe, SCRUM, Agile, VSM/Kanban, Infrastructure Management, FINTECH, Fixed Income Analytics, MBS/ABS Bonds, IaaS/PaaS/SaaS, PMBOK, Java, Vendor Management, Operations Outsourcing, Contracts, ROM/RFP

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