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Extremely adaptable with a proven ability to learn and succeed with any technology - shown by my diverse background. Highly accomplished with a proven track record of consistently exceeding expectations - seen by my projects, work experience and recommendations.

I've had experience with everything from PC repair to network administration (Microsoft/Novell) and network engineering (Cisco). I have experience with network management software administration, implementation and development as well, which ultimately led me to my current love - automation.

I'm an enabler of solutions, a mentor, a student,a collector and disseminator of information. I'm a huge believer in collaboration - I believe absolutely everyone has something to contribute. Together we succeed. I'm able to work with very diverse sets of people and groups to turn ideas into reality. By way of collaboration and fostering cross-platform teamwork, I'm able to help make an impact across the organization as a whole, rather than just the team I'm working in.

I'm an insatiably curious and highly driven/innovative OO developer. Affectionately known as the OO Mad Scientist. I am passionate about automation and love to learn.

Lastly and most importantly I'm a happily married husband to a wonderful wife, and father of 6 amazing children. These are the most important roles I fill.