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• Development, implementations & enhancements of IAM environment solutions using Oracle AM 11g PS2 & Ping Federate 7.X cluster for SSO access management, OIM 11g PS2 cluster for Enterprise ULCM and redundant instances of ODSEE, OUD for storing corporate and partner Identities.
• I have designed client's Oracle Access Manager DR development architecture as Active-Active Multi-Datacenter architecture.
• I am leading the offshore team for development of the User Management J2EE portal for ODSEE using JNDI and Sun SPI.
• Tuning ODSEE Attribute Indexes for faster search performance. Also configured Password, Log Rotation policy and config parameters for ODSEE instance.
• Developed scripts for pro-active monitoring and log analysis of IAM components, automated restart/System Management domain computers using WMI.