Mehul Jani

Job function
Deputy General Manager, DevOps Manager
Company size
10,001+ Employees
Comms Service Provider
Years of experience
10+ years
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Experienced professional with experience covering wide range of roles from being a Technical Support Associate in a International Call Centre, Developer, System Administrator to Systems Analyst covering domains such as Banking, Insurance, Digital Advertising including building service offerings for private cloud. Been a part of teams and led many initiatives in improving and optimizing delivery of services and bringing interaction with various IT and Business Segments. My Goal is to secure a position in IT Support/Engineering in a well established organization which enables me to apply my skillset and experience resulting in achieving goals for the organization, eventually leading to my growth and relationship with the organisation.

+ Strong analytical and problem solving skills
+ Demonstrated attention to detail in planning and operations.
+ Extensive experience of ITIL Processes of Service delivery and Security processes within enterprise.
+ Experience with Agile Development methodology.
+ Good knowledge on emerging technologies such as Data Centre Operating Systems (Mesos/Docker/Kubernetes)
+ Extensive experience on networking protocols such as TCPIP, SNMP, NTP ,DNS ,FTP, etc.
+ Design and documentation of POCs for new application/infrastructure requirements.
+ Expert Level experience on Linux/Unix systems and application performance tuning
+ Impact Analysis on architectural design changes and enhancements

+ Designed and implemented low cost solutions for high dollar value clients/interfaces on applications and infrastructure levels.
+ Improved system stability with configurable automations.
+ Implemented processes and operational enhancements leading to time reduction in supporting + continuous integration.
+ Introducing new technology components and merging them to support purview with minimal learning curve with focussed planning and order.

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