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Enterprise architecture and integration
Spearheaded a Team of 14 People
Spearheaded a team of 14 people giving consistent excellent results for 6 years.
Managed Project Online Mark System
University Student Management System it cover may entire student life cycle management from registration to student... more»
Completed Telecom-VAS Provisioning system using MySQL, Java, .NET
Completed Telecom-VAS Provisioning system using MySQL, Java, .NET & BI Solution using MSSQL Server in Aircel... more»
Big data
World Best Business Continuity Planning Software
I was part of world best Business continuity planning software as a Senior Software Engineer
Project Management Tandi-Reinsurance Implemented in JEE and Standard ACORD
Architecture design and management development project Tandi-Reinsurance implemented JEE 7 and the standard ACORD... more»
Project management
CA Clarity PPM Upgrade From v13.0 To v14.2
CA Clarity PPM Upgrade from v13.0 to v14.2 --- The objective was to do the upgrade of Clarity PPM tool from the... more»
Marketing and sales
Emissary - Secured WiFi Access Solution
emissary® is GMV's comprehensive solution for managing and establishing security policies on wireless networks based... more»
Prodetur - CMS, Portal and Warehouse Management
Design, implementation and support of Custom CMS System using OpenCMS and Alfresco. Warehouse management application... more»
As part of its long-term strategy, the Post Office outlined plans to modernise its business to become a modern,... more»
Departmental transformation
Departmental transformation, for when your IT department just isn't working the way it should:  - virtualisation -... more»
Shamal only logo
Virtulisation - Shamal Information System
To Design, Build and Deliver a complex multi application Web based Information and Management System, which... more»
Big data
Constructed 12 Node HDP in Cloud Environment
Constructed 12 Node Hadoop Data Platform on a Cloud Environment for Client and Ingested 4.5 TB of Data within 2 weeks.
• Enabled rollout of a superior, enterprise level
• Enabled rollout of a superior, enterprise level spiff management solution that empowered a leading welding... more»
Enterprise architecture and integration
Oil n Gas Entitlement Model
Heading the Technical Services team from Telesis, delivered $4+ million Oracle EBS program for a Oil conglomerate... more»
Big data
Counter-intelligence database design and creation
Counter-intelligence database design and creation so trends can be monitored from worldwide events using inputs from... more»
Application development
Trouble Ticking System (OSTicket)
Trouble Ticking System for day to day IT Infrastructure Management (Case Log, Escalation, Resolution)
Benchmarked solution for 7 million users
Tested and benchmarked a server solution to cater to 5000 simultaneous users. We built a messaging server for... more»
Big data
Realtime webservices over BigData
Using Ab Initio continuous flow and web services capabilities, I was able to build re-usable application frameworks,... more»
Portal Identity Access Management
Portal Identity Access Management Offer services around users and logistic needs.
Network management
Created a multi million dollar geo-redundant high secure
Created a multi million dollar geo-redundant high secure IaaS platform to host high security services
Phlebotomy Ordering application
Phlebotomy Ordering application maintains the origin of order for a given phlebotomy order arriving from various... more»

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Martijn is a fast learner, rational, energetic, a good team-player, responsible, has excellent communication and organizational skills, is able to work under pressure, to prioritize and meet hard deadlines. He has worked on some very high-profile prestigious projects. Martijn ensures that the... more>>
Reviewed Micro Focus Silk Test: SilkTest is a nice tool to work with but the...
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