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About 1 month ago
Not sure anything else could be added that Mr. Collier already stated.  The aggregation of any events is to collect and combine events to develop a pool of raw data which could be analyzed later.  To correlate events on any given situation is to look for similarities or…
3 months ago
As a leader of teams supporting the deployment and operation of VSphere, I'm always interested in how companies say this solution is too expensive.  I would advise those companies to take a hard look at what is the process of managing your IT Infrastructure environment…
10 months ago
I have done PoC with AT&T, VMware, Dell and SilverPeak -- I selected SilverPeak (which is now owned by HPE).
11 months ago
What are the monitoring software capabilities for discovery?  Is it agentless?  How many people need to provide support and maintenance?

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