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About 2 years ago
To add on... Palo Alto just released 9.0, which adds a huge amount of even better functionality. Their Endpoint Security - TRAPS just also released a new version (6.0) and they are incorporating XDR functionality soon, as well as correlation for anomaly detection across the…
Almost 3 years ago
Is Palo an option? Their small firewalls come with the same features as their $100k ones. The UI is amazing with great drill down options and easy to configure and maintain. My experience with Fortigate wouldn't be fair because we have an aged model. However, make sure…
About 3 years ago
I am looking at Threat X They have incredible capabilities and are very next gen (AI). They are based in Denver and I’d suggest talking with Aaron Fosdick or Andrew Useckas. Fortigate support is horrible because they are divided on the hosted vs an…
About 3 years ago
Costs - by device or by amount of log traffic (and can that traffic be trimmed/parsed before counting against your threshold?).

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