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I am a system engineer with nationalities: Spanish, Venezuelan, also Polish and German in the process.

► resolve incidence of application Siebel in TEST or UAT environment with Siebel Tools configuring column in table, field in business component, control in applet y view in screen.

► write in English the documents functional, mapping and requirement matrix for factory in India build migration process.

► load in table EIM columns necessary for generate each ROW_ID in table base and for resolve each foreign key required. Also, columns necessary for resolve the access to data according to position and visibility of data according to Organization.

► build data mapping and workflow with Oracle Warehouse Builder, Informática PowerCenter and SQLServer DTS.

► module for accountant register of sales by TPV, and system of affiliations and billing, in JDEdwards OneWorld.

► administration system of subscribers built with PERL, HTML, JavaScript and SQLServer, for access by Internet.

► workflow outline by relationship between task that triggers event and for each it execute activity, as relational scheme as programming of module that create that relation task-event-activity, in Informix NewEra.

► module for show and load of amounts in similar form to Excel for system of market consultation built it in C and Sybase.

► budget system in Clipper; and module for bills of paying in SQL*Forms and PL/SQL Oracle.

► automated model to identify plans to capture of know-how in organizations; built in CSP with routines in PL/1 to access files VSAM and execute heuristic algorithm.

► development of systems: analysis, design and programming.
► migration of data to Siebel data model using EIM Siebel and resolve incidence configuring with Siebel Tools.
► analyze, design and programming of applications, reports and conversion of table of JDEdwards OneWorld.
► create relational scheme, procedures PL/SQL Oracle, functions, trigger and SQL querys with TOAD, PL/SQL Developer.

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