New Elevation of Understanding Cloud Based Services.

I’ve been working with a business model  (CaaS). This service uses different public clouds to host portions of a service instead of having one public cloud provider to hold all of the service just like cumulo-nimbus cloud which reaches all 3 levels of service elevations. What kind of elasticity could only one cloud provider offer? To me this is a flat cloud model. Not all cloud providers are created equal, some offer better pricing, infrastructure, service levels, support, and bandwidth, etc.

Let’s say in this business model: Images of products stored on a hosted cloud or in my on premise environment. This would be a large data store with a lot of editing going on so either on premise computing or hosted. Lets say hosted from AWS.

Then have a different cloud provider to host my SQL data base say from Rackspace.

Then my Web Server is hosted from SoftLayer.

Then we would tie all 3 providers together (site to site VPN) to create a hosted Web Site that searches my SQL data base then brings up the searched images to the web server hosted at SoftLayer.

This business model would be a Super Elastic Bubble and not just Retro Land “Time Share Computing” business model. This would allow my business not to put all of its seeds in one cloud and save some money for a rainy day. This could be the dawn of new IT Skill Sets of the Future.

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author avatarRicardo Dolinski Garrido
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Interesting, and the offer in the cloud: "as a a Service" in Business Management in company and intercompany:
.- Blockchain as a Service
.- Hyperledger as a Service
.- XBRL & IFRS as a Service

Interesante, y la oferta en la nube: "como un Servicio" en Gestión Empresarial en compañía e intercompañía:
.- Blockchain como Servicio
.- Hyperledger como Servicio
.- XBRL & IFRS como Servicio