T Shiyam Jannan

Job function
Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer
Company size
51-200 Employees
Tech Services Company
Years of experience
5-10 years
Most Recent Comments

Dynamic QA personal with 5 years of professional experience in the IT industry with expertise in Software Testing and Quality Assurance. Experienced in applying various Software Quality Assurance (SQA) procedures and tools for advanced technology and business systems in large projects spanning several business domains which includes Telecom, Energy, Loyalty and Mobile. Culturally adoptable, highly communicative and a committed team player.
Core Competencies: Web Service Testing (SoapUI/ReadyAPI), Test Automation (Selenium), Performance Testing (Jmeter), Acceptance Testing, Connector Testing

Technical Background
* Automation/ Performance Tools - Selenium RC,Web Driver, JMeter, MonkeyTalk, SOAP UI
* Programming Languages - C++, VB 6.0, Java, PHP
* Web Technologies - Html/xHtml, Java/VB Script, css, Ajax, Joomla, Wordpress, Cloud Testing
* Database Servers - MS SQL 2000/2003 R2, Apache Web Server, MySql, Oracle
* IDE s & Tools - Microsoft Visual Studio, Dreamweaver, Eclipse, STS
* Packages, other software & OS - Office, Minitab, SPSS, Maple, Photoshop, Illustrator

Specialties: Scripting, Load/Perf Testing. Test Automation, Web Service Testing.

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